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Produces amorphous and soluble silica with advanced heat treatment technology
The Future Created by Natural Recycling Agriculture Realized by Environmental Furnaces

Efforts toward natural recycling agriculture

Realization of in-furnace control
"Rice husk circulation"

We are working to create new industries and businesses using biomass resources (rice husks) as raw materials.
Using rice husks, which are universally available nationwide, as a resource, we manufacture useful amorphous rice husk ash without emitting harmful substances by advanced controlled heat treatment technology, and regenerate the generated heat. We aim to create environmentally friendly and disaster-resistant towns and villages centered on biomass resources that make the most of the characteristics of rural fishing villages by aiming for "complete recycling of rice husks" that does not burden the environment by using them as an energy source. .

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Utilization of rice husk silica ash (amorphous)

“Rice husk silica ash” recovered from rice husks is the silicon that rice plants contain.
Rice husk silica ash, which is amorphous vegetable silica, can be used in various fields.

Fertilizer field

In Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture, where rice is thriving, a project related to the effective use of "rice husks" started in 2010. In the process of demonstration experiments at a pilot plant, an application was filed to revise the official fertilizer standard for "rice husk silica ash." , was registered as a normal fertilizer in 2022.
Reference material: Overview of the Rice Husk Circulation Project [PDF]

Food additive

Since most food additives use water-soluble or gelled silica, they must be amorphous.
Since rice husk silica ash is made from paddy rice, it is evaluated as a safe and secure material for users. It is noted for its excellent health benefits such as

industrial field

Silica is used as a raw material for the next-generation concrete "Geopolymer Concrete". As for the effects on concrete, the use of amorphous silica produced from rice husks as an admixture is thought to increase fluidity and hardness. In addition, as an effect for rubber mats, etc., it is expected to improve handling by reducing stickiness, reduce weight by using the bulk specific gravity (light) of rice husk ash, and improve durability.

Product information

Environmental furnace series

Rice husk processing furnace

Complete recycling of rice husks, an industrial waste. This facility produces rice hull ash containing valuable amorphous soluble silica by heat treatment with advanced control technology.

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