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We manufacture, sell, and maintain equipment and devices related to agriculture, industry, environmental conservation, industrial waste treatment, and recycling.

We are creating new industries and new businesses that are suitable for the natural environment with our high technology and extensive experience.

  1. Rice husk processing furnace
  2. rice husk silica ash

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Rice husk processing furnace

We manufacture, repair and sell rice husk processing furnaces.

  • Using rice husks, which are ubiquitous all over the country, as a resource, using controlled heat treatment technology to make rice husk ash an effective material, and using the generated heat as a renewable energy source, we can create an environment-friendly " Aiming for complete recycling of rice husks
  • The rice husk heat treatment furnace is a facility that heats industrial waste rice husks with advanced control technology to produce rice husk combustion ash containing useful amorphous soluble silica without emitting harmful substances.
  • The produced rice hull ash can be utilized in industries related to agriculture, industry, environment, food and health. In addition, the thermal energy obtained from the heat treatment of rice husks can be used as a heat source for various equipment.

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rice husk silica ash

We sell rice husk ash.

  • Beneficial Amorphous Soluble Silica
  • It can be used in industries related to agriculture, industry, the environment, food, and health.

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